NEX-5T keeps design mistakes from NEX-5R

Started Aug 27, 2013 | Discussions thread
hyenadog Contributing Member • Posts: 823
a "top gear top tip" for the smooth flush NEX 5 buttons

I share your annoyance of this .. but theres a really easy solution ... if you have any small electronic set top boxes etc you will find they have very small circular rubber feet on the bottom .. i got a small pack from an electrical retailer for a few pennies and they come already with double sided tape on the bottom

just get the right sized ones carefully stick them over the NEX buttons and you have nice runner buttons that stick out about 2mm and non slip ... works well for me :-))

best to take off the lens and put the body cap on then face down on a desk (with cloth on it) .. easy to do this way .. you can get them in black or white so a nice match

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