GX-7 max bulb 2min, any good reason for this limitation?

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Re: GX-7 max bulb 2min, any good reason for this limitation?

mpgxsvcd wrote:

Oleg Vinokurov wrote:

Yes, i want about 5-10min. And from what i saw long exposure noise reduction on e-m5 works good enough. Metal body of e-p5 might help to reduce noise at long exposures too. Although exposure time will double, but far less noise from hot pixels. DSLR might be better for this kind of thing, but certainly don't want to return to those heavy bodies and lenses

I blow out a dark night sky in about 2 minutes with an F4.0 scope. So what is it exactly that you need 5-10 minutes for?

I'm sure astro photography works quite a bit different. If you point your camera meter to a night landscape quite often you can get a reading over 10min at iso 200 and f5.6 to f11. For late evening also can use ND filters to get interesting effects in sky and water. Check here, quite many photos were taken with over 10min exposures even without ND filters http://www.flickr.com/groups/vle/

For example this 600sec, iso 200, f5.6, sky doesn't really look like blown out, right?


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