Help needed with 18-55 on D5100

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Re: Help needed with 18-55 on D5100

vzlnc wrote:

There is definitely something wrong with your lens or camera, as if focused and at those settings, you should be getting a lot better picture. Try all the options as advised by Mako, and if that doesnt resolve ur issues, time to send it to Nikon.

If possible, you can try a different lens to rule out any issue with the body and to make sure the lens is having a problem.

18-55 is a very decent kit lens of the 12-16MP cameras, and at 18mm from 1/5.6 its sharp enough.

Thanks vzlnc. I don't have the issue with my other lenses. I appreciate everyone's help. I just wanted to make sure that there was an issue and not user error before sending it in.

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