Weird problem happening with my E-5

Started Aug 26, 2013 | Discussions thread
mariomirabile Senior Member • Posts: 1,333
Re: Weird problem happening with my E-5

I had a similar issue with my E-5, but it seemed to be resetting itself back to the parameters set in the first stored settings slot between shots. I did have a HLD-4 on it, but it only happened when I was using it with a cable release. I sent it back to Oly who couldn't get it to replicate the problem. When it came back, I put a different grip on it, and the problem hasn't happened yet. The tch at Oly said they'd had issues with early grips. I examined my 2 grips for some sign of manufacture date and one has "2008" stamped at the back of the battery compartment (that's the one that was originally on the E-5), the other nothing. Given they were introduced with the E-3, I'm guessing that it's an early one with whatever problem that batch had.


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