Help needed with 18-55 on D5100

Started Aug 26, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: Help needed with 18-55 on D5100

msstella wrote:

Thanks Nexu1. I appreciate your help. I agree the left side looks worse. No drops of the lens. The front and rear elements of the lens appear clean, I used a blower, brush and lenspen on them. I know it is a cheap lens. I am not sure if I should pursue it with Nikon or just get something else when I get the money saved.

If you just recently bought it as new, it should be under warranty.  Get a new copy.  It may be a cheap lens, in that it is inexpensive, but it will still give you plenty sharp results for the price.  You can pick up a 18-55 VR on Craiglist for around $100.

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