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Re: All Nikon VR lens - good advice given

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the manual with every one of my nikon vr lenses clearly states to turn off vr before turning off the camera and if it is inadvertently left on, to turn the camera back on and turn off vr. the only variation i see is with some of them for which there is a tripod mode.

No, it clearly does not state to turn the VR off. What is says is this:

"Do not turn the camera off or remove the lens while the vibration reduction is operating. Failure to observe this note could result in the lens sounding and feeling as if an internal componenet is loose or broken when it is shaken. This is not a malfunction. Turn the camera on again to correct this."

What the manual is actually stating is for you to not turn the camera off whilst the VR is actually operating, not whilst the VR switch is on, there is a big difference! As you know, when you half press the shutter, the VR works for a few seconds until the image is stabilised and it is in this time frame of a few seconds that you should not turn your camera off. So, there is no big deal, there is no instruction whatsoever to turn VR off when turning the camera off, only the warning to not turn the camera off whilst VR is operating and even if you do it in not a malfunction. It is clearly stated in the manual.

For some people, differentiating between the VR switch on the being in the ON position and the VR being active, ie, stabilising the image, is just to much complexity to deal with. But the actual problem here is that once people have formed an opinion, any arguments to the contrary don't even reach their brain anymore, they are able to completely tune out.

Yes, I tune out the moment when after somebody making a logical mistake, overlooking an aspect (hey, we all do that), with the mistake being pointed out, completely ignores the explanation what the mistake was. If somebody ignores a very simple pointing out of a mistake, they by definition have tuned out. And once they have tuned out, there is nothing I can do anymore in regard to this person.

I can only point out the mistake again if somebody else makes it.

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