Processing for a film-like look; yes, no and why?

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Re: Processing for a film-like look; yes, no and why?

T3 wrote:

JamesErik1971 wrote:

you are right, the young folks don't know what film looks like. they want instagram, which is even worse. its a stupid fad. period. if you cant edit a digital file properly, blame yourself not digital photography. by your misguided definition of "film-look" you mean a proper portrait edit, that is pretty broad/useless. also do you have a example photos, I'd love to see your take on "film look" vs. "too digital".

You sound like an angry old man shaking his cane at the world, complaining about "the young folks". I suspect that you think anything that the "young folks" are enjoying is just "a stupid fad." The reality is that photography has always been a form of expression, or at least it should be, and Instagram is probably photography-as-expression in its purest, simplest, and most immediate form. Unfortunately, the "older folk" think that photography is only about pixel peeping, analyzing image noise, and spending hours in front of a computer processing their images! And of course, you want people to conform to your narrow vision of how an image should be processed ("if you can't edit a digital file properly..."). I think the "young folk" certainly have a good thing going with Instagram: capture the moment, make it look any way you want (conventions be damned), don't spend too much of your life editing it, and get it out to your friends and to the world to see. Sure, you may call it a "stupid fad", but I see it as people using photography in a wonderful, fun, engaging, creative, expressive way that they can share.

But feel free to keep shaking your cane at the "young folks" and their "stupid fads".

You have expressed some my thoughts, not all, but some. It has to be hard to be plagued with such a myopic viewpoint. To be honest, he/she/they recently posted some pictures elsewhere that left me wondering just what was supposed to be interesting about them. That brings me to the observation that highly technically minded people are not often gifted with a sense of creativity. They can give you a nice technically 'clean', tack sharp image of the most boring things.

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