Help needed with 18-55 on D5100

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Re: check switch

Mako2011 wrote:

msstella wrote:

thanks Mako. I appreciate your help. In all pictures I focused on the area by the maroon bush by the building and thought I had focus lock. I will try again.

According to ViewNX2 and other EXIF viewers, focus was never locked in any of the pics. Check the AF/M switch on both lens and camera body. Cycle them to AF. Makes sure the lens is mounted properly, clicks in place, and the lens release button is not stuck...redo testing again. Good luck.

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Mako, where do you see that focus was never locked in the viewers. I don't see that information when I look at the EXIF. Where do I look?

I retested and did get the green dot indicating focus was locked. I did as you suggested above and retested again at f8. The center is okay but the rest of the image is a mess still, especially on the left. I am getting rather frustrated.

I appreciate your help. Thanks again.

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