What's my RX1 worth ?

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Re: Loss Selling RX1 Could Better be Spent Elsewhere

teseg wrote:

viztyger wrote:

I would hope that I could get at least €2000,- for my RX1 if I had to sell it. But I have no intention of doing that as I'm still amazed by the excellent results this camera is able to produce. Sure, the RX1R resolves a little more fine detail but perhaps at the price of extra moire. In any case, the difference between the two cameras' image quality seems minimal - nowhere near enough to be worth losing €1000,- exchanging the RX1 for the RX1R. I'd rather invest that money in getting a camera to complement and backup my RX1. But that's just me.

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I can only imagine how much more improved my own photography would be if I spent $1000 on photography lessons from a real pro, or even better, a PP expert, rather than the slightest tweak of image difference generated by the R.

totally agree (not about you, about me). the rx1 deserves better photography and pp skills than i have been offering it. on the other hand, the basic output is so good that it is easy to just ride that wave. we should all have such dilemmas in life.

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