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I am hoping for some help figuring out a problem I have when shooting landscapes with the 18-55 kit lens on D5100. The shots look "mushy" and the autofocus does not always seem to focus. This happens at all zoom lengths. I shoot aperture priority, auto ISO or chosen ISO, sometimes shutter priority, with VR on, RAW. I tried VR off and it seems slightly better. It is better at higher apertures, from f16. I am trying to figure out if it is the lens or my technique. I know this is not the best lens but I think I should be getting better outdoor shots without having to go to f16.

I have had the lens and camera since Feb. but have seldom used the lens. I noticed the issue when on vacation a few weeks ago. I do not have the same issues with my other lenses (35, 85macro, 55-200).

I tried to test it some today and took multiple shots at different apertures, auto ISO, VR off. Here are some of the converted jpegs with no post processing.

Thanks for any insight.







In all the pics VR is off, AF-Area mode is single, and AF mode is AF-S...and in all the pics, EXIF indicates focus was never locked. VR is not an issue here but focus lock is. What did you focus on in the scene and did you wait for focus confirmation in the viewfinder (was the in focus indicator lit and solid)?  Did you have press the shutter release and wait for it to focus lock before firing the shutter? Try a scene with a object in the middle that is easy to focus on, like the fire pit, and see if you get focus lock.

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