Time to debunk IP in digital art and photography once and for all

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Most (maybe all) laws are subjective.

We convict people of murder every day. Sometimes with no witnesses. Even when there are witnesses, they could be lying.

Same with assault. At what point does bumping into someone become an assault? In crowds there are always people pushing and bumping into each other, but if you ran full speed into someone or shoved them hard you may be charged. Is there a set velocity?

Car accidents? We call them accidents because they aren't intentional, but intention is subjective. There is no way to measure it. If it's determined (subjectively again) that it was intentional, you would be charged completely differently.

We have freedom of speech, and everyone uses the "fire in a crowded theater" example. But what if you whisper? What is "crowded". Is there a decibel limit? Language?

My question for you is, why do you feel its so important for you to repeatedly walk close to the line of derivative works? If you're doing it for fun, not profit, then you have no legal worries anyway. If you're doing it for profit, then get permission or take your own photos.

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