Ebay pricing on MFT Panasonic lens's

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Re: Ebay pricing on MFT Panasonic lens's

c_henry wrote:

gskolenda wrote:

Wow! I'm trying real hard not to jump on this but it looks almost to good to be true!

Here is a listing on Ebay for the Panasonic 35-100mm X Lens


What I'm not understanding is there general description of this lens,

It says, NOTE: This Lens is a Japanese Domestic Version. There is No Functional Difference Between Japanese and International Version. This Len's is brand new!

I realize the warranty could be a little bit of a pain in the Butt should you need to use it, but, This is a savings of $350.00, Free shipping and sales tax. Man this is tempting.

They state that this is for a limited time only. Any ideas on what the difference might be from US lens, and the Japanese Domestic Version? I'm all ears anyone?


Aren't the warranties international? All my boxes and papers are in the loft so I can't check.

Yes I believe they are, that seems to be the major trade off, longer warranty repair for substantial price discount.

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