Best way to carry/use 2 cameras

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Re: Best way to carry/use 2 cameras

Depending on how active you are with that setup and what you are wearing, it may become uncomfortable supporting the weight of a camera from your belt.  It really is all about personal preference, and I found mine to not like the clip holster.  You may find you love it and for that price it's definitely worth finding out for yourself.  And while my preference is to have two black rapid slings criss-crossed over my shoulders it's not everyone's first choice.

I should note that with the stud mounted systems (where you screw into the tripod mount), I am CONSTANTLY checking to make sure it is still secured.  I was shooting a 5k a few months ago and the stud worked itself out of the tripod foot on my 70-200.  Next thing I know, I'm looking down at a busted D7000 to my left and a 70-200 rolling around to the right with the camera's mounting hardware still attached.  Still love the black rapid system but now I just make sure everything's secured.

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