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Now that we have been straightened out that 300 pounds is about $450 that allows for the real possibility of Sony covering the cost of IBIS and tilting LCD screen. That would put the ILC-3000 ahead of the Canon SL1 rather than just equally competing with it.

No IBIS, no articulating screen, it's just a big 3n. With an EVF.

Well the rumor say it has IBIS and no-one know about it having an articulating screen or not.

The 3N is an expensive contructive due to the extreme compactness, like the other NEX cameras. The A3000 can share quite a few components with the A58.

SAR will drive us crazy with their rumors. How can the a-3000, a $400 camera, include a flip-screen and IBIS for that price? It has the old 230 K screen from the a37. The 3N is a cheap camera and built cheaply. It is now discontinued.

The a-5000 is more likely to get an articulating screen and IBIS.

Is the 3N discontinued?? It was released this year?!

What I mean is not that 3N is made of expensive materials and high grade, but for what it can and in that tiny form factor, is more expensive components required than putting the samme functionality in a larger body such as the ILC3000.

Who knows about the IBIS, we will find out tomorrow, but what will you do if it indeed has articulating screen and IBIS?

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