Bridgecam shootout - Fuji HS50EXR vs Canon SX50

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Bridgecam shootout - Fuji HS50EXR vs Canon SX50

My daughter's favorite cartoon show is Curious George so this time I will play Curious Joms as I was baffled with all the information saying HS50 is a dud (really? ;-)) and SX50 is better.

I borrowed an SX50 from my co-worker which is a birder too. She sometimes use the SX50 when reach is needed more than quality and speed.

I tried to make this comparison as valid as possible. I did not use a tripod because I want to test also the image stabilization capability of both cameras.

Camera settings:

* Noise Reduction - Both set to low

* Sharpening - Both at standard

* White Balance - Both set to auto

* Dynamic Range - Both set to auto

* Colors and Tones - Standard unless otherwise noted

* Image Stabilization - Both seth to continuous

* Shot Mode - Continuous shots

* Image Size - Both at L with HS50 resized to 12MP (4000x3000) for a fair pixel-peeping

* SX50 image should start with IMG_xxxxx and HS50 with Sxxxxxxx

* I usually shoot first with SX50 in PMode and will replicate the exposure and FL as close as possible to HS50.

Without further ado, let's see the results....

Part I. Wide and Tele comparison

First at wide angle. These were shot thru a single-hazed window (Sorry I can't remove my window or go out for now.)

Pixel-peeping the foliage, we can see that both resolved detail very similarly. Some variation on the shadow areas hence the HS50 is darker and cleaner. Both cameras have sharp lens and are good for landscape shots. Immediately, you can also see that HS50 had the correct WB which is cooler while SX50 is warmer.

Inspecting the near and distant building and its bricks, both cameras resolved fine detail fairly with SX50 being a bit noisy giving the impression of false detail on some parts of the scene.

How about we zoom both cameras and inspect the details? Of course the first impression is, SX50 will produce better detail because of the 200mm EFL advantage. Does it?

I have reduced the SX50 to 60% and downsized the HS50 to 12MP so we will have an equivalent focal length. When shooting a tele-photo, center is the most important part so what do you see? Purple-fringing is evident on the SX50 and the white balance is again off. There is also a slight PF on the edges of the HS50 which are against the sky. Sharpness are similar and also detail?

Those are all for now and I will add more later when time permits...


-=[ Joms ]=-

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