Sirui: How to attach center column to built-in Monopod for extra height?

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Re: Sirui: How to attach center column to built-in Monopod for extra height?

HomoSapiensWannaBe wrote:

RichyjV wrote:

The X refers to the carbon fiber model, as opposed to the aluminium: its easy, it works, none of the tools are required.

Unscrew the hook part from the bottom of the column to allow it to slide out. Having removed that separate the long column from the short. Screw the long column into the top of the detachable monopod leg. Remove the part with attaches to the ball head from the short column and put it on the long column instead. Done, quick easy.

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Thanks for the reply.

As I explained above, this doesn't work for my M-3204. The thread pitch for the spring-loaded hook insert that goes into the bottom of the column is finer than for the ball head attachment, so they can't mate together. Perhaps I got an older stock and they have since changed to the same thread pitch?

Do you have an M-3204 or do you have a different (smaller) model and assume they are all the same? Some of the smaller models definitely allow coupling the center column atop the monopod.

I have the M3204X and just assembled the monopod extension in a matter of seconds. The thread at the end where the spring hook is attaches directly to the top of the monopod leg on mine, and the other end of the column (the part which attaches to the smaller column) is where the ball head attachment goes.

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