Flat faces

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Flat view
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Flat faces

I did a photoshoot this past weekend with my 18 YO daughter... basically starting to collect some shots for her High School Senior Photos. The day was not ideal, and even though I told her we needed to be there either early in the morning or very late in the afternoon, she showed up from her mother's house at around noon. (Grrrrrr... kids! ) Anyway, we figured it was a test run, so I agreed to go out with her.

Not a stinking cloud in the sky, and temps in the low 90's and humid. Could it get any worse?

Yes! At the last second, my wife (who was to be my assistant) had to rush and see a friend, so we did not have access to my reflectors or diffusers other than the ones my daughter could hold below her chin when needed.

Needless to say, we looked for shade spots as much as possible...

The result (is anyone surprised?) is a bunch of flat faces, with no 3D-ness. I should have brought an off-camera flash I suppose... (I did use an on-camera flash to add some catch lights and get rid of raccoon eyes.)

Remember, these are SOOC, so I have done nothing yet (stray hairs, face touchups, wrinkles in clothing, etc.). Looking for help with the flat faces mostly, but I am always open to other suggestions...

The one where is standing next to the iron fence (and smiling) is a bit soft, but she really likes that one, so I included it).

I have never been able to add in shadows successfully using a burn technique (always looks fake to my eyes). Is there any way to work with these images to get some dimension to them?

Here are a couple of examples straight out of the camera (shot in RAW) and converted to JPG and downsized a bit in Lightroom:

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Flat view
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