A New Photo of EM-1 on Four Thrids Rumors

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Re: The adapter is not new.

bofo777 wrote:

daddyo wrote:

The adapter is the MMF-3 which came out with the announcement of the E-M5 -- it is the weathersealed version of the mFT to Fourthirds. So there's no new electronics in the adapter itself.

I would assume that the older MMF-1 & 2 adapters will work just as well on the E-M1, but without weathersealing.

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Greg...So would you say the adapter is not the device that will make my 14-35 2.0 AF better... it is the new electronics in the E-M5.....Also are you saying that are all the different adapters (1,2 and3) all the same except for the weather sealing...John

As Greg said, the MMF-3 adaptor is simply the weather-sealed version (which would be good to have with HG or SHG 4/3's lenses)

There is no difference mechanically or electronically between it and older versions.

Douglas Brown

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