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Re: Agree mcshan. RAW+photo Ninja = win.

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Any time you work at the pixel level, you lose non-destructive editing, unless you work strictly in layers, which requires Photoshop or a similar program. (It's one reason why I prefer using PS for converted files.) But even in Lightroom, if you use any of the NIK filters, you are working on a TIFF.

The drag and drop method from LR to PN on a Mac avoids the intermediate TIFFs. Just open the folder in LR's import window and the newly rendered TIFFs from PN will be highlighted and ready for importation. I don't know if it can be done the same way on Windows. I would be interested in learning about that.

BTW, I would never render all of the images that I edit in Photo Ninja. Only those that require further development (local adjustments, fine tuning, printing, web publishing etc) get the full treatment. The others stay put in PN. This is a clear advantage to using a browser, as opposed to a catalog, for file management. All of your files, raw and converted, are always available to the browser. There is no need to reimport them to a catalog. The browser that I love is Photo Mechanic. It is very fast and powerful, and it plays nicely with Photo Ninja and all my other editing software. What it cannot do is create virtual collections. I don't know how important they are to you, but I manage to live without them quite nicely. There is no reason why you could not use a good browser in conjunction with Lightroom, which would then be reserved for the sorts of things that cannot be done in Photo Ninja. Just a thought.


To clarify, I think we are on the same page about RAW and TIFF files.  But to further clarify:

  • Even though LR creates catalogs, the files and resulting XMP files remain located in the original file browser location and are never moved around by the catalog... the catalog just points to file locations
  • With the syncing of LR and PN, I never have to import anything between the 2 programs beyond clicking in LR "Edit in PN" which opens PN to edit the RAW file while creating a TIFF that mirrors the RAW file and clicking in PN "Quick Render" which takes the PN RAW output and makes the now existing TIFF mirror it, while generating an XMP file linked to the RAW file to match that output.  That TIFF is now visible in the LR catalog
  • If I wanted, I could just take the PN RAW file and convert to jpeg, but agreed, by taking the step to Quick Render and then convert the resulting TIFF to jpeg in LR, now the jpeg is in the LR catalog, whereas if I converted straight to jpeg from PN, the resulting jpeg would not be in the LR catalog... and would have to be separately, manually, imported to the catalog.  With that said, with whatever I convert to TIFF in PN, there is a resulting PN XMP file for the RAW file for whatever that image coming out of PN looks like... so I now always do retain my initial non-destructive edits in PN

Only because NIK is still new to me, I probably use it more than I should, but really love the Viveza 2 color editor where I can spot add a little bit of brightness here and spot add a bit of structure there.  I also think the dynamic noise reduction and spot sharpening are really clever, further making my image my own vs. that of the RX1.

Why LR catalog vs. just file browsing my images?  I have really embraced the tagging concept.  Immediately after downloading images from a shoot I tag them.  If I'm at the marina, I tag 'Marina'.  If it is at dawn, I add 'Dawn', etc... IN LR I just have to type 1 or 2 words and almost immediately LR sorts through 15K+ images and brings up those images with the tags.  Previously I had file browsed creating files sorted chronologically, with sub-folders for each day.  While my imports from my SD card still get automatically filed this way, I realized if I keep this photography hobby for a number of years it would become unmanageable.  Before embracing tagging, I was starting to find myself spending 3-5 minutes trying to locate a particular image from only a year ago.  It would become more problematic over time.

Ultimately everyone has their own thing that works, but after hopping around trying a number of different things I feel like I have now harnessed the demosaicing power of PN, the catalog and spot editing power of LR and the image PP enhancement power of NIK and rolled them into a relatively efficient workflow.  After spending >$350 for these 3 bits of software I wanted to ensure I maximized their usage.

Back to RX1 vs. RX1R, as ncsakany has pointed out, the RX1R works well for his style of photography, and because I find joy in both the actual photographing and the post processing, I am less concerned about the potential slight increased sharpness and detail SOOTC the RX1R may provide as my amateur hobbyist PP intervention would likely muck it up anyway.

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