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Re: Street photo - C&C welcomes

But I have to agree morally it's a little off.

The guy is probably at his lowest, and really doesn't need someone recording it for their own pleasure. (let's face it when we take photos it is for our pleasure, others pleasure or profit)

Can't you imagine how you would feel knowing a photo of you is being spread around the internet/galleries etc showing you in your own private hell?

You got it.  I think to truly tell a story of suffering, one must use their imagination to convince themselves for a few minutes that "they themselves" are in that position, and then express that feeling in the way they approach the photograph.

The exposure may be technically correct, but so would a picture of a parking meter.  The picture looks like the photographer just walked up to the man pointed his camera down and clicked, as if he couldn't even be bothered to bend down, stand back, compose with story telling information.

I'm not suggesting that's the way it happened..just say'n that's what the photograph looks like to me.  The way it's shot I get a strong sense that the camera has turned inward and has portrayed human insensitivity.

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