Stap or Sling as Alternative to Tripod Bag?

Started Aug 25, 2013 | Discussions thread
Craig Gillette Veteran Member • Posts: 9,619
Re: Stap or Sling as Alternative to Tripod Bag?

Although both of my current tripods came with bags, I never use them.  Of course that could be mostly a result of my shooting interests, locations, etc.  The littler one straps easily to my camera bag, the bigger one I sling carry or carry resting on a shoulder.  I suppose if I had to consider longer distances I might need to find a better more comfortable method but haven't needed to so far.  One thing with a bigger padded bag is it slows down deployment some and is another piece of stuff to have to deal with on site.  I haven't found it needed for protection while storing the tripod or while vehicle carrying it either.  Perhaps if the bag was sleeker and tapered to fit the collapsed tripod better but as it is, it's kind of ungainly.

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