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Re: Give it time ...

I just decided to get the P5, I have a lot of great cameras some pretty small too like the Nex 5n

but the lenses are big so the camera being small is only half way there to always carry camera.

So we choose the Pany 14 f2.5, outdoors its not a problem the difference between f1.8 and f2.5

indoors we will use the pop up flash.  What I have seen is the lens is sharp wide open, some

faster lenses are just so, so and you need to stop them down anyway to f2.8 for sharpness

and contrast call that a wash.

Also, what is not to like about the 28mm,  lots of GR guys wouldn't use anything else.  Just

wide enough for lots of landscapes, and group and interior shots.

Next lens I get will be the Pany 20 f1.7, its EFL of 40mm , almost the 43mm normal lens

on a 35mm format,  that is the real normal lens length not 50mm.  So why is that my choice,

well 35mm- 28= 7mm and 40mm-35= 5mm, so that means I just have to shuffle

a couple of feet closer or further away to get the field of view of 35mm.  In use I find being

further back when trying to capture environmental candids help blending in without attracting

attention and spooking the subject.

I have Leica lenses, and with peaking, I could use my Summicron 35 f2 or my Konica Hexar RF

50mm f2 for portrait lenses, both small but its a tough call between a 70mm or 100mm POV.

I don't want a slow f3.5-5.6 lens.  For background blur with a smaller sensor the max f stop

needs to be a lot larger, also, I can use a lower ISO, or have a high shutter speed for

bright light conditions and still get the OOF I want.

This will be used as a do everything go everywhere camera.

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