Anonymous posting or not? Which is better and why?

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Anonymous posting or not? Which is better and why?

This was a mentioned in a thread recently, that some forums (aka pro forums) that screen members and force the use of real names / identities are more civil places. And forums like these where people can remain anonymous, or as some say, impersonate an expert, are bad, as in of low value.

A friend posted on FB a pic of some girls cycling with rifles over their backs, smiling. With the caption 'in switzerland half the people own guns and it's got the lowest crime rate in the world'.

Got me to thinking. Are people more rude here than in person? I've met some families and well, I"m not so sure about that.

I've been to some conventions where this group and that group don't talk to eachother, only about eachother. No anonymity at all but not all love and kisses either.

My wife says that if people are aware of consequences of their actions then they behave differently. As in switzerland a bad guy has a 50/50 chance that his victim is armed, so he choses not to be a criminal. Therefore, if you are forced to show yourself you'll behave better knowing that others know who you are.

Thoughts? Experiences on this or other forums?

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