D3X or D800/E

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camerashy wrote:

Thanks for some great information and personal comments really appreciate your time in posting


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I've read the post about this with some interest as I currently have both the d800 and d3x. I prefer the d3x although the d800 at 36MP creates a nice image, that image does not compare to the d3x image in quality, to my eyes. I find the imagery created from the d3x to be 'beautiful'.

I find the d3x to be effortless to shoot with, while the d800 seems to take some effort my on part. like I need to force the d800 to focus and fire. when the shutter on the d800 does trigger, sounds like an accident not the instant reaction of the d3x.

this is something you might not really won't notice unless you have both cameras right there to compare in the shoot environment. the d3x is 'effortless' to work with. at the end of the day I am not as tired, nor are my eyes as strained.

one issue I did have the d800 was the small size of the body, I need to have the battery grip attached so that my hand will hold the camera without my little finger 'just hanging there'. this was a real issue for me working with the d800. others might not find this to be the case.

one disadvantage to the d3x is lack of SD support and no sensor cleaner however that's not a real deal breaker for me. I will also say the d800 has newer processors so there are advantages there as well, for instance shooting cleanly about 800 ISO. defiantly not something you'll really want to take on with the d3x.

I guess what it comes down to in the end is your area of photography. there are a few definite advantages to the d800, and with possibly a d4x coming out within 6 months a used d3x might not be a good investment for you.

if I sold my d3x now I could get enough to get another d800 I'm sure. however just this week I've decided to stay with the d3x and actually sold the other d800 I had, still in the box, to a friend of mine.

tomorrow I'll start with the d3x and use that body until I need the sensor cleaned, use the d800 for a day or so and switch right back to the d3x.

I hope this answers some of your questions. -BMB

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