GX7 as early as next week.

Started Aug 25, 2013 | Discussions thread
jpark1982 Regular Member • Posts: 120
Re: GX7 as early as next week.

M Hamilton wrote:

Just found a video interviewing Rob Knight, Lumix Luminary in Atlanta. Store rep said GX7's will be arriving as early as next week. Maybe a little optimistic?


I actually hope towards the end of September as silly as it sounds.  Why you ask?  I want to see the E-M1 announcement first and see if I should keep my pre-orders.

I have a feeling that if it is available sooner than later that maybe they want to have them hitting the shelves before the E-M1 announcement and lose potential customers (though I'm not too sure that the 2 cameras share the same target audience, at least I'm interested in both and I'm sure im not the only one.)

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