I have returned to Olympus after a lot of years. I bought an OMD but...

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Urbanito wrote:

I was training all the afternoon, using Dpreview guide and others found on the Net and I have to confess that I am very frustrated. I want to take photos and not to have to study hardly, not photography, but a camera from guys that don't understand common mortal needs.
So, I decided to return it and keeping using my Panasonics, until the GX7 shows up it merits.

I am used to their menus, and I am disposed to give some beauty to practicability.

I am very obliged to all the ones that were so kind to help me with very good suggestions.

If the Panasonic is not what I want, I can always go back to the Olympus.

Thanks again.

Best wishes,


Interesting that you gave up on a camera less than 1 day after posting you need help maneuvering the menus.  Right out of the box you don't need to do all that much.  Realistically all you really need to do is make sure its set on single AF not continuous, set it to Raw or at least Raw+jpeg and a few other tweaks (I turned warm colors off, noise reduction. Off, etc).  Then go out and shoot and make minor adjustments as need be.

You have to make the best decision for yourself but its like going out and buying a $2,000 set of golf clubs, hitting a bucket or range balls, then going to the course and cursing yourself for not being able to shoot under 100.  It takes time to get to fully be comfortable with a camera.  I shot with an RX1 for a few months and still never set my custom memory settings on the mode dial.

But shoot with whatever is most comfortable for you by all means.

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