New Samsung SSD, worth it over Pro ones?

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Re: Samsung's new "3D" V-NAND SSDs

theswede wrote:

I probably have more understanding of MTBF than anyone here including you since I used to be in engineering/designing machines.

Then why'd you ask the completely clueless question in post 150 on the other thread betraying a complete lack of understanding of what MTBF actually means?

I never ask any questions in post 150. To you everything is a question.

Look, bully for you that you've been lucky with your platters (and yes, it is luck, no matter how much research you put in platters are unreliable). But yours is not the typical experience.

Wrong!!! My is typical experience. The reason you hear more "stories" about HDs because more HDs are sold than SSD. Most people don't know what SSD means.

Not everyone wins the MTBF lottery. SSD's are a leap in reliability for the vast majority of people out there, even if you with your luck can't comprehend that.

Wrong again. Luck has nothing to do with it. Knowledge, research what product to buy and what not buy has everything to do with it.
Just because there are no moving parts does not mean SSD is more reliable.
In fact MTBF is about the same on the SSD and HD (a good one) or about 1.5M hours which means absolutely nothing because all is calculation anyway. At least with HDs there is more data than with SSDs.

Cell phones don't have moving parts either, yet I have replaced every other phone I had.

And I am currently "in" engineering/designing machines, so how does once having been "in" that provide any kind of advantage to you?


I don't know, maybe 28 years of experience means something.

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