Olympus E-P5 - Help with choice of kit

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Re: Olympus E-P5 - Help with choice of kit

Daniel wrote:


My first request for advice post. I am looking to purchase an Olympus E-P5 off Amazon JP (Japan). There are two kits, that I know of, available with the VF-4 which I want.

One kit comes with the 17mm f1.8 while the other comes with the 14-42mm, which I think I already own with the E-M5. The thing about the 17mm kit is it costs about US$160 more than the 14-42mm F3.5-5.6 II R.

I am a zoom user, and don't use primes much but I do realize going with the 14-42mm to save some money, I am actually buying a duplicate lens. It will get used, no doubt, as the other 14-42mm is usually on the E-M5...

I use it for classes I facilitate, shooting students at work. Outdoors, I shoot street scenes and whatever I happen to fancy when I have one of my camera's with me.

Whatever you think and share, my thanks in advance!


I would get the 17.  If you do shoot on the street, having an almost 35mm equivalent is invaluable.  Also having something you can use in low light is great.  I know noise performance is getting better by the generation but being able to keep it under ISO1600 if you can will do wonders for you.

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