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The Sage Knows wrote:

I noticed you talked about the lighting being too blue or too warm. Did you know that with a custom white balance, you can achieve the same color temperature whether you lit the subject with incandescent, fluorescent, or daylight?

To do that you will need to have a neutral target to illuminate and use as the gauge to set custom WB in the camera or if you shoot RAW to set in post processing. One of the most neutral and convenient is the WhiBal

There may be issues with certain colors rendering differently due to different CRIs. Fluorescent light is not a continuous spectrum like daylight or incandescent. This means that the missing color in the spectrum of the light source will not be there to reflect back that specific color. Higher CRI means more continuous spectrum. TriPhosphor usually means higher than 82CRI.

For best results, try to keep the color temperatures of the various lights the same in the same image. If you light one side of the subject with 5500K and the other with 4100K there will be a noticeable color shift from one side to the other.

You can buy pretty much any kind of studio lighting you want from B&H. Here is a summary of the types that are available:

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Yes, I do use custom white balance every time. Also, when I use 2 lights, I place them right next to each other so that their light mix together, then I white balance the combined light.
I did some test with different lights and found that even though I set the white balance every time, some lights give nicer colors to the subject. I shoot in raw, so I know that a lot can be done to enhance the picture in post, but my goal is to edit the image as little as possible.

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