Flash Kit Brand Advice For Portraits

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Re: Flash Kit Brand Advice For Portraits

Personally, not a big fan of the Bowens, although I know many who like them.  I just don't like the control dial, and they feel cheap.  The Elinchrom's seem pretty nice, I know many who like them, although I have no personal experience.

I did own the Hensel's for about 8 years, and I never had a single problem.  They were great lights.  I sold them for some Einsteins, but I wish I hadn't.  That would be my personal recommendation, although I would also take a close look at the Elinchroms.

xobione wrote:

Good evening everyone,

I will like to please ask your advice on the brand of a Monolights kit for portraiture and fashion photography?

I´m trying to choose between these ones:

1)Bowens Gemini 500Pro 2 light Kit with Pulsar TX:


2)Elinchrom BRX 500 2 Light to Go Kit:


3)Hensel Integra 500 PLus Freemask 2 Light Kit:


I need you please share your knowledge and experience to me to help me choose; in terms of light quality,reliability, time resistance.

I´m not considering Einsteins because I live in Madrid and here in Europe are expensive than USA.

Again thanks for your help and quick answer.

Kind Regards,


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