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Re: Sort of a mistranslation

Rriley wrote:

if you went all the way to the last video
its an improvement in the sense of 'electricity' or 'pump up tyres' are 'improvements'

Like I said, I only skimmed the article for the word "secret" to confirm what I thought must be a mistranslation.  I didn't look at the videos the first time I posted.  Do you mean the *very* last video?  It looks like it is one is of a dedicated mirrorless lens, the 45/1.8, and I thought the subject of the thread was AF with four thirds lenses.

At any rate, I've tried the MFT cameras many times (and I own a G2), and from what I can tell in the brightly-lit environment of an electronics shop, yes, the S-AF of the newer models with dedicated lenses is wicked fast.  Probably faster than any DSLR I've owned or tried, including high-end Nikons.

As far as four thirds lenses, I looked at the 50/2 and 50-200 videos just now, and while they don't have the same speed, the E-P5 looks not bad at all for still subjects, and it does seem like quite an improvement over the E-P3, at least in bright light.  Too bad they didn't test in lower light as well.

pdAF would make an improvement on that too

BTW: thanks for the translation

No problem.


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