Who will switch from a FF DSLR to FF mirrorless?

Started Aug 24, 2013 | Polls thread
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Re: Point of mirror less systems


Quite compact, less so when zoomed


I sincerely hope that Canon has moved on since 2002, but who knows, we could get another bar of soap, and I am not expecting anything with telephoto capability

They probably have, but it's not clear that lens designs are getting any smaller, and if you look at the size of a standard zoom on a DSLR, it's clearly much bigger that that is. What zoom and f-number range were you thinking of?

G1x styling will do nicely thank you

I could have included Leica, and Voigtlander glass as well as Nikon, but I have no experience of them, however my point was that smaller detachable lenses are unlikely to reach the IQ levels of what is currently available for all DSLRs today

My point was if you build a zoom lens into a FF compact, it's either not going to be very compact, or it's going to end up having exactly the same performance as a smaller and cheaper small sensor compact.

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I would appreciate something relatively wide starting about 24mm, however I suspect 28mm may be a more reasonable expectation, possibly through to 50mm or 60mm or even 70mm , I don't know what's do able here but then I haven't got a R&D dept, canon presumably has

If  they can't develop it because its full frame (ie too large) and they want to seriously take on the possible upcoming competition in this area then maybe they should reconsider introducing the ASPH sensor size to stick one over on the ASPC sensors from Sony, but they may also have to consider where Sony might take their RX1 series

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