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Re: Agree mcshan. RAW+photo Ninja = win.

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Question to those of you who use Photo Ninja: if you've already processed your raws (after converting them to DNG) in Camera Raw or Lightroom, will PN still read the DNG as though it has not been touched by a different raw converter? And what happens to the DNG after you tinker with it in PN -- will ACR/Lightroom ignore the changes PN made to the DNG?

Photo Ninja will ignore the raw adjustments made in other programs and vice versa. If you are on a Mac, simply drag the thumbnail from LR onto the PN icon, and the base raw image will open. There are other ways to pass files between programs. This tutorial may be helpful.

Photo Ninja & LR


I actually used these directions above to have my workflow set up like this and it works well (been using this flow for over a month). LR5 manages my image library, I right click a RAW image in LR5 "to edit" in PN, LR generates a TIFF and PN open with the TIFF file sitting next to the RAW file but PN opens and works on the RAW file. When done doing my thing with PN, I click the Quick Render button at which point PN replaces the TIFF that LR created with a TIF of the RAW file that PN now just created. I then hop back to LR5 and the TIF it created is there, only now it is the one replaced by the one PN created. From there, if I desire I can convert the TIFF to jpeg, do further edits to the TIFF with LR5 (some of the spot editing features, grad filters, etc...) or right click again and now edit the TIFF in NIK.

Several downsides: I end up with 1 or more 100mb intermediary TIFF files that I either need to manually delete or quickly fill my data drive.... secondly, if I delete the TIFF files (which I do), the beauty of a non-destructive workflow is somewhat shot to the extent I do further adjustments to the PN TIFF file in LR5 or NIK (which is likely).

All in all, it is a good efficient merge of the 3 different software packages to capitalize on the strengths of each.


Any time you work at the pixel level, you lose non-destructive editing, unless you work strictly in layers, which requires Photoshop or a similar program. (It's one reason why I prefer using PS for converted files.) But even in Lightroom, if you use any of the NIK filters, you are working on a TIFF.

The drag and drop method from LR to PN on a Mac avoids the intermediate TIFFs. Just open the folder in LR's import window and the newly rendered TIFFs from PN will be highlighted and ready for importation. I don't know if it can be done the same way on Windows. I would be interested in learning about that.

BTW, I would never render all of the images that I edit in Photo Ninja. Only those that require further development (local adjustments, fine tuning, printing, web publishing etc) get the full treatment. The others stay put in PN. This is a clear advantage to using a browser, as opposed to a catalog, for file management. All of your files, raw and converted, are always available to the browser. There is no need to reimport them to a catalog. The browser that I love is Photo Mechanic. It is very fast and powerful, and it plays nicely with Photo Ninja and all my other editing software. What it cannot do is create virtual collections.  I don't know how important they are to you, but I manage to live without them quite nicely.  There is no reason why you could not use a good browser in conjunction with Lightroom, which would then be reserved for the sorts of things that cannot be done in Photo Ninja.  Just a thought.


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