Who will switch from a FF DSLR to FF mirrorless?

Started Aug 24, 2013 | Polls thread
Neil Schofield Contributing Member • Posts: 541
Re: Point of mirror less systems

My take is that there are two main reasons for a mirror less system, namely a smaller body and no mirror mechanism

I would like Canon to develop a FF mirror less in a G series type body with an inbuilt zoom lens which is capable of quick AF and 10 frames per second

You can discuss the quality of detachable lenses until the cows come home, but a mirror less system is never going to match the best EF and Zeiss E glass, without actually using those lenses

Mirror less should be portable and light either on a belt or in a coat pocket, currently the G1X is the closest Canon has to that with a zoom range, its just needs to up the sensor size, try and make it smaller with a decent zoom,  and get rid of the video function so as not to canabalise any of its other products, and concentrate on a stills camera for a change

Once its done that then it can concentrate on production of detachable lens systems which at best are going to be somewhat larger than the G series

Oh and a remote trigger jack would be just fine, the one that was left out of the M series will do

And whilst they are at it, Canon should check out the Richard Franiec  products for some good ideas on how to hold and shoot with one hand, no £3k bars of soap please

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