Rangefinder question for a not-expert

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Re: Rangefinder question for a not-expert

docvale wrote:

So, I guess it takes very high skills to shoot with a rangefinder!

It is very difficult to judge depth-of-field with most DSLR optical viewfinders. Especially with fast lenses. (Generally focus screens on DSLRs show no difference in their projected image below a certain aperture, often f/2.8 or so.) You can easily see this by playing with depth of field preview with a fast lens mounted.

If anything it is  easier to place the focus plane using a rangefinder, though there are issues due to having to use focus-and-recompose because the rangefinder patch is only in the center of the viewfinder. One learns to judge the depth-of-field for a given focal length and aperture intuitively.

Cameras which support displaying the image of the sensor on an LCD or via an electronic viewfinder allow much better judgement of final depth-of-field. They can also allow precise positioning of the plane of focus when zoomed in.

The rangefinder on a Leica M-series camera is an optical prism based triangulation device. So yes, like a traditional optical rangefinder uses in other disciplines. (Often replaced by laser based devices now.)


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