If Apple abandoned Aperture.....

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Re: If Apple abandoned Aperture.....

Alpha Doug wrote:

It might be a very good idea to pick up a copy of "Switching to the Mac" by David Pogue. Will tell you exactly how to do things you did on your PC. OS X has very good basic DVD or CD burning capabilities built in. Also, if you can find a way to come up with a copy of iDVD, it still burn DVD's for playing in a DVD player.

I had planned to do exactly that but the folks at Apple tech support specifically told me to not do that. They said (1) I did not want iDVD because it was so buggy (yes, that is what they said) and (2) even if I got it it would not work with Mountain Lion.

I cannot verify item (2) but that is what I was told. Not by one support tech but by two. Perhaps they are just trying to discourage users from getting iDVD. I don't know.

Also, you did not have to use Parallels and run Roxio Creator. You could simply have gotten a copy of Roxio "Toast" for the Mac. Very similar.

Yes. I know. But I used Creator for a couple of reasons. First, I already had a valid Windows version and I could install it under Parallels free, second Creator would burn my DVDs without any problem, third Creator can create blu-ray discs and fourth Creator included functionality to change the .mov slide shows created by iMovie to alternate formats - mp2, mp4, avi, etc. That allowed me to put the converted slide shows on a memory stick and use the usb slot on my dvd player to show the slide show on my TV. As long as I can do that I don't actually need to burn the stuff to dvd unless I want to play it on a different TV (which I sometimes want to do). So Creator gave me much for functionality than Toast and, since I already had it, was less expensive.

How often do you get that combination?????

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