More specs on ILC-3000

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Re: More specs on ILC-3000

Keit ll wrote:

IBIS may not be useful for current Sony lenses but for legacy lenses used with an adapter it is going to be terrific !

Yes, terrific, but I wouldn't get your hopes up. On the SLT's there's no way to tell the camera the focal length of the lens that's attached (and IBIS needs this to work properly). If Sony goes the same route with the E-mount bodies, IBIS will only be useful for E- or A-mount lenses (or chipped legacy lenses).

I am not sure what to expect. On the one hand, Sony like forcing people to use their own stuff; on the other, they put focus peaking into the NEX bodies making them a lot more capable at focusing legacy lenses, and I believe this did them more good than harm.

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Interesting point. Thanks.

It will be a let down if you cannot specify the FL manually for the ibis.

If you can then I will be too tempted to get this one a a second body. Actually it could threaten the NEX-6 sales esp if it gets OSPDAF as well but I doubt that.

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