More specs on ILC-3000

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Re: More specs on ILC-3000

D Cox wrote:

quezra wrote:

Awesome news, but I'll wait for the 5 or 7 series probably.

But the big question is, when they finally nail AF, what future is there for A-mount?

Long term, it will go the same way as the Leica R mount. But that could be four or five years away.

I think the E mount is the best camera mount design so far by any company.

Could you explain the reason for you last sentence.  Thanks in advance.

I agree with D Cox that this mount is the best designed.

First if all the flange distance allows for usage of any legacy lens, including Leica M lenses.

Secondly this mount fits up to a fully blown full frame sensor with full electronic control.

You dont get this flexibility with any other mount, except from Canon's M-mount perhaps as this seems to be a copy paste of the E-mount, but Canon would never fit a FF sensor in it anyway unless their EF sales suddenly took a huge dive for some unlikely reason.

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