Ramifications for the future after EM-1

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Re: that is it,what the 1000 death-predictors warned us

boggis the cat wrote:

Mr.NoFlash wrote:

that is the "end" of oly dslrs -

i think its ok

We'll have to see what the E-M1 performance is like. If it is up to E-5 standards then I don't have a problem with no 'E-7': but some will not like the shift to an EVF.

Fingers crossed.

i assume the 50-200 and 35-100 will not focus 100% as fast as on the e-5,

but that "loss" is really limited.

Again, we'll have to see. At the moment we can only speculate.

Some people claimed that the 12-60 and 50-200 were 'usable' on the E-M5, which I disagree with having tried.

I am sure it depended on what they were taking a photo of. I have to use saf with manual each try with my 50200swd. So not swd styled af.

so we got yeas of trolling and now the 4/3-trolls can congratulate themselfes, because there might be a slight performance hit in the 4/3 AF field ( while we get performance boosts in sensor performance and antishake, and many new prime lenses we can use ).

Actually, the trolls were claiming that the entire standard FT system was 'dead'; including the lenses. Olympus would make new native MicroFT lenses that would be better and cheaper, etc.

The Panasonic 12-35 and 35-100 haven't really impressed me much, as regards 'HG/SHG level' optics. Perhaps the rumoured 12-40 f/2.8 mZD from Olympus will prove a more worthy 'high end' lens? I'll be interested to see how it compares to the 12-60, especially as the 12-60 closes down quite fast from f/2.8 as you zoom in. If the 12-40 is good, then I would have some hope that my 50-200 could eventually be replaced by a worthy native MicroFT version.

I really hope there is no performance issue. The nikon 1 doesnt so why not the oly/sony solution?

i assume the e-m1 will not be the last m43 camera with phase detect on sensor, some e-m1 will have a bigger battery , some a smaller..

I would assume that Olympus will use PDAF to get CAF working better using native MicroFT lenses, so I'd expect on-sensor PDAF to be 'standard' in future.

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