Pictures of Olympus 12-40mm on 43rumors

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Re: Pictures of Olympus 12-40mm on 43rumors

At least the micro 4/3 cameras and, particularly the OMD and the new Olympus offering look like what I expect a precision instrument to look like.  In contrast, DSLRs look and feel horrible - like a big blob of plastic with a viewfinder.  I was in Best Buy yesterday and handled a few of them.  They seem like plastic junk to me. In my history I have had two camera systems, in 35 MM I had a pair of Contax STs (great Camera) and many lenses, and the other was a Pentax 67 II with 4 lenses.  The Pentax was seriously heavy but quite compact, and the transparencies it produced were to die for.  Now those felt like real cameras.  They were not light but they felt like solid, serious instruments.  Now I only have an Olympus EPL2 but want to upgrade to an OMD.

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