High-power LED flash: too good to be true?

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Re: High-power LED flash: too good to be true?

Phil wrote:

ianw2 wrote:

For such a system to work the flash must stay on while the curtain is open. If the camera shutter speed is 1/500 second, the curtain will be open for longer than this. I expect they fire the flash multiple times so each part of the sensor receives a flash duration of 1/500 second.


There are 3 modes available with the PW in the system. Canon & Nikon both have normal sync and high speed sync (where the flash strobes at a fast rate to minimize the impact of flashing while the sensor is partially blocked by the curtains) but the PW set-up adds what they call hyper sync, a third mode.

Hyper sync is still a single full power flash, like a normal flash event, but uses a refined curtain timing while telling the camera the flash is set to high speed sync. The result is you can get 2X or a little more than the camera's normal sync speed without catching a curtain while having a full power flash event available.

Sorry Phil - when I said "they" in my last paragraph (quoted above) I meant the LED Light Cube people, not Pocketwizard. You are correct that Hypersync is still a single full power flash.

For anyone interested there is a good explanation at http://wiki.pocketwizard.com/index.php?title=Understanding_HyperSync_and_High_Speed_Sync

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