Discontinued models are back.

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jalywol Veteran Member • Posts: 8,561
Re: Discontinued models are back.

Thank you!

I have been missing my GH2 horribly ever since I sold it in March, and much as I would really like to get the new EM1, I just don't have the funds at present, so I just ordered another GH2 on this surprise sale from B&H.

No, it does not have the high ISO performance of the new sensors, but sometimes you just have a piece of gear that works for you...and for me that was the GH2.  I am so psyched to be getting one back again!

Of course, I will probably find I miss the new sensors, now....however, the way I look at it, this now buys me time to either save up for the EM1, and/or wait til the true next generation sensors are released about a year and a half from now (which is probably what I will do).

Thank you again for posting this.


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