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Re: Street photo - C&C welcomes

Aside from having an uncaring attitude towards someone obviously going through a hard time in this life, it's just a boring photo. A subject which if we choose to notice are all to common these days and very easy pickin's. That your chosen target happened to have a few coins in his hat and an open safe behind him creating a juxtaposition doesn't make this a good street photo. It's a played out scenario that has been done to death. A fat lady eating a donut in front of a Weight Watchers storefront, an old man, bent and drawn from the years dressed in a suit, tie and hat standing by a modern billboard for Ralph Lauren showing an impossibly fit young kid wearing nothing but undershorts, etc. These types of photos have been made for years, some with greater success but most are rather mundane.

Street photography is not a definable genre other than a photo of someone generally in a place whether it be on a street proper or not. I believe a good street photo should tell a compelling story and or have an interesting subject. A shot of some homeless dude on the street is a dime a dozen these days. It doesn't make it any more profound when you notice an open safe behind him and think, "wow, that's deep man."

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