Why I do not consider the rumoured EM-1 a true E5 successor or alternative

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Yes, but ....

klauser wrote:

...the point is that ft-users as I simply loathe to invest again thousands of EUR or USD in top mft lenses and perhaps be stranded with it in maybe five to ten years. I certainly bear no grudge against Oly and if the em-1 focuses my hg/shg lenses well I will very happy to buy one. Even being fully aware that mft is capable for 95% of all work, if I again have to change system (and ft to mft is a change of systems, too) I will change to a system that is probably more future proof, i.e. Canikon.


Don't kid yourself. Nikon and Canon will end up exactly where Olympus is today with the E-M1, but it will take them longer as they have vested interests to protect in traditional style DSLR's.

This protection of existing market share has worked to Olympus's advantage in the past, as evidenced by Canikon's indifferent forays into mirrorless which allowed Micro Four Thirds a strong foothold, and it will be to Oly's (and Sony's) advantage as the market shifts towards a mirrorless EVF future.

On Friday I did the media launch for Toronto's Buskerfest. On hand where a couple Sony SLT cameras and my Micro set-up, with about half a dozen other photographers with traditional DSLRs.
Half the DSLR's (Canon and Nikon) had microphones in the hotshoe and were being used to shoot video clips.

If you include the Sonys, my m4/3's camera, and the DSLRs with mic's, the majority of shooters at this event where working along the lines of the new paradigm in media -  a small, light, stealthy, all-in-one, video-centric one.

The E-M1 is a perfect embodiment of this new media culture. It is a superb tool for the modern way of working. When the pro level m4/3's lens line-up is completed it will be right at the leading edge for journalists.

Last night I did Grace Potter & The Nocturnals with an E-P5 and VF-4.

I got great stills that were accurately exposed in very fast changing lighting because the EVF allows for monitoring via the histogram and WYSIWYG EVF, and if music biz managers would get with the program and stop segregating video and stills, I could easily with one button push have clicked into video for a 30 second clip (the maximum the promoters will allow).
Without taking my eye away from the viewfinder, with steadicam-like stabilization from the 5 axis IS, without diving into menus, I could have kept alternating between the two mediums as much as needed.

Four shooters at the concert, I'm doing it mirrorless, the guy beside me is using mirrorless as his wide cam, and two traditional DSLR's.
Half and half. And it will inevitably tilt further in mirrorless's direction with every passing month.

The future is one camera that does both mediums really well. That isn't like having a cement cinder block hangiong form your shoulder.
I call it Ninja media shooting, and I see it more and more at every event. Light, quick, flexible and nimble set-ups.
The E-M1 with it's pro build, pro specs, and a few other interesting surprises is going to be a very desirable camera for this market.

I'll go so far as to say it has the potential to be THE camera in this segment.

And Olympus even went to the trouble to spend millions on R&D so your older 4/3's lenses will work well on it.

You know what being 'abandoned' by your camera company really looks like?

No E5 successor, no compatibility with mirrorless.
That's what being 'abandoned' is.

By contrast, you are all getting an opportunity to use your lenses on one of the MOST state-of-the-art cameras, with full functionality.

What's to whine about?

Douglas Brown

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