Help choosing between D7100 - D600 - D800?

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Help choosing between D7100 - D600 - D800?

Hi to all and thank you in advance for your help.

Choosing a new camera is really difficult: too much choice, too many differences, too many questions...

And I have to say that I am not very "technical" about cameras... I am more about shooting...

The facts:

- I use a Pentax K100D with a Sigma 18-200 since 2007 and I am very happy with it. It's great for all time use (landscape, portrait etc.). I am just reaching some limits (speed, low light...)

- My husband uses a Nikon D80 with a Nikkor AF-S 24-120mm 1:3.5/5.6 G

- He also has a Nikkor AF Micro 60mm 1:2:8 D

- I would like to change for a camera with VIDEO

- I am planning to shoot commercial photos. First baby/maternity/family but then, anything that comes along really.

- I love taking landscape pictures & portrait on a personal side

- It's difficult to be 100% sure whether I will shoot a lot in low light, but I might.

- I would like to get a Nikon to be able to use my husband's lenses, especially the 60mm

- He is planning to get a 35mm lens as well

The different options:

- I save money (birthdays, christmas etc.) and I try to buy a D800 a the start of 2015 (we're flying to the USA, so we might get a better price there than Ireland). I might not have money for a lens though... Or what would be the budget minimum for me for a D800 with minimum lens kit?

- I get the D7100 now with the kit lens and I look into a new lens in January in USA

- I get the D7100 body only and I use it with one of my husband's lens until then

- I get the D600 now but would it be really better than the D7100 for my usage? And I am scared by the oil/dust marks on the captor...

On a buy and sell website here, this offer came up:

- Nikon / Nikkor 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6 AF-S G ED DX Mk1 Great condition. Lens cap. Asking price 300e

- Sigma 10-20mm f/4-5.6 DC HSM great lens! super-wide angle, great condition. Lens cap. Asking price 200e
Should we jump on the offer? And buy the D7100 body then... That would be a nice kit to start with?

The guy is also selling a D200 (whole kit for 700e) and my husband is saying it would be a good back-up body and he could sell his D80.

I am not sure if I can get much from my Pentax. (And I'm quite attached to it hehe)

Any advices will help. I've read a few thread and I can see most of you have a lot of knowledge on all those things.

I'm completely lost!


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