I have returned to Olympus after a lot of years. I bought an OMD but...

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I have returned to Olympus after a lot of years. I bought an OMD but...

It is through. After being an intense user of Olympus OM film cameras, (I still have an OM1),
I decided to come back to Olympus, after several years with digital Panasonic, Sony, Canon, etc. , point and shoot type, long zoom and several LX Panasonics (LX3, LX5 and LX7). I now own and use Panasonic LX7, FZ150 and TZ40.

Three days ago  I bought an Olympus OMD with the 12-50 kit lenses, something that I was wishing badly since quite a long time, to improve my photos' quality. When I got back home, I started to try to understand it, but I have to confess that I am very confused with it settings, using the very complex menus (IMO). I am completely lost and already thinking to send it back. However, the first shot that I took, using Auto is so promising, the colors are so beautiful, that I decided to look for help and you are the experts that occurred to me to ask for advice.

I know something about photography, have being posting on Dpreview since a long time, but was not prepared for such complexity. The manual is useful, but is quite difficult to understand. Besides, it does not contain any suggestions for each parameter, at least some explanation of what this setting do, instead another one, and I find it almost useless for an user like me.

Is there a way to learn witch are the recommended settings for P, at least for a start? Is there any recommended book or paper with explanations and recommendations, even knowing that the final word will be mine, based on experience?

I would like so much to keep this camera, bought in Portugal for a very competitive price, and to be on this forum!...

Already a first question: My camera firmware version is 6 and I know that it is available, at least, a newer version. Shall I upgrade?

Thanks in advance for any support that you, the experts, may give me.

My warmest regards.


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