Local landscapes: Western NY

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Thanks all!

Brev00 wrote:

Nice to see you in the Landscape Forum running a local landscape thread! Someone has to got to keep that theme alive. I, too, like the buggy pic but am pretty ambivalent about the cropping. I think there are pluses both ways and, in such an instance, I feel the tie goes to the runner (in this case, the original). I, too, felt a bit distracted by the poles at first, but, upon repeated viewing, feel that they are a part of the scene and have a place. The numbers do match up: three poles and three cars. The cropped version looks good, too, but I do feel an aversion to cropping at times for at least two reasons: one, it can look like there is something to the side that one is avoiding; two, it changes the original size and significance of the objects as viewed. Once you bring the buggies into a closer view, the feel of the original has been altered. Still, the cropped version looks good, too.

Thanks Brev and all; sorry I didn't get back to this sooner. I really appreciate all your input; it gives me not only food for thought on this one, but also for future images. Our Amish population is growing and I may have more opportunities to integrate some of their customs and culture "down the road".

Nexu1, I went back and looked at the fourth image again. It was actually a bit hazy in the ~ lower half of the sky portion of the image, then clears between there and the top of the frame. I agree with you though. There may be more I can pull from the RAW file. I'm on the road this weekend but will give it another shot. If I think I get something better, I'll post it here. Thanks for the input!

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