One beautiful system by chance or by planning?

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Re: All they got from Sony was the sensor

bobn2 wrote:

Steen Bay wrote:

A bit OT, but maybe you'll find this interesting... seems that the new Canon G16 and S120 have new BSI CMOS sensors, but Canon didn't mention anything about it in the announcement. Maybe because the new sensor is made by Sony?

I find it more likely that Canon UK simply made a mistake in their web site. I think otherwise every Canon web site spec would say the same thing.

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Even more OT, but I've been wondering... suppose that sensors with on-sensor PDAF will have to use some of the pixels exclusively for the PDAF (except for Canon's dual-pixel solution), so the question is, how many pixels will be used for the PDAF, will it be so many that it'll have a visible effect on things like noise, DR and resolution?

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