Best way to carry/use 2 cameras

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Re: Best way to carry/use 2 cameras

Mike Ronesia wrote:

I'm looking for something that will allow me to carry and switch between 2 cameras quickly. I've looked at this style, but don't like how the cameras hang. One body will have a flash and one won't. I was thinking maybe a chest clip for one and a holster clip for the other. I'm not having any luck finding this sort of setup though. I'd rather not have the camera attached to me while using it.

Any thoughts or ideas on where to look and maybe what they're called so I can do a search.

If I'm off track and you have other ideas that might also be helpful.

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Mark James
A.K.A. Mike Ronesia

Hey Mike,Mark

The dual BR system you posted a pic of is great for stationary shooting. As you point out the swinging cameras are not comfortable when moving around. You don't indicate body and lens sizes so I can only suggest my methods for a FF Canon 5D3 and a Canon 60D. I use a belt holster (Spyder) for the 60D and a lens like the 35L along with the single BlackRapid which I attach the large FF DSLR with a 24-70 or 135L to. When walking I try to keep the large camera on the BR strap behind my hip so that it doesn't bounce around.

I also use another method with a smallish shouder bag and a DSLR plus flash accessories in it which I can pull out and use the wrist strap before reholstering in the bag. That along with another camera around my neck with conventional strap or BR. Mostly I prefer this method because you have extra gear in the bag like batteries and cards.

If you are hiking with two cameras the chest bag is a bad idea because it obstructs your view of your feet and it is easy to stumble because of that. If you use it on flat ground then it's very comfortable and convenient.

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