A99 viewfinder - please help

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Re: A99 viewfinder - please help

I use my camera for professional work and have read all these ridiculous replies re the EVF on the Sony A99 and blaming the wearing of spectacles  for a dark viewfinder.  I recently bought an A99 and found the viewfinder unworkable in bright sunlight and I don't wear glasses. All shaded areas turn black in the finder in bright sunlight preventing you from locking the AEL onto a mid grey area to balance the severe contrast. I had to take a picture to find out if my selections worked or not. So much guess work I never have on my A900. You could never do a wedding job with it. I sent the A99 back for a refund in the hope Sony come to their senses and create  a true pro camera with OVF in a future model because the photos it produces are excellent and would  equal any camera.

I would like to hear from Sony re their views on the problem.



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